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NO FSC CIGARETTE PAPER Q:What does the FSC stand for on the bar code of cigarettes. ..Answer FSC on the bar code of a pack of cigarettes stands for Fire Safe Cigarettes. FSC's are. I think they are. . to see if your cigarettes are the new FSC ones look at the bar code and if you see FSC on the TOP then consider yourself a guineepig. The fact is, it is the cigarettes look on the side of your pack of smokes by the bar code it will say FSC all cigarettes in the state of Calif. Ore. Ny, and Vt. can sell only FSC. Cigarettes" they have a little "FSC" above the bar code. I was recently smoking one and noticed a black ring around the cig just under the cherry. You can't even go to a tavern or bar and have a cigarette and beer at. After smoking 2 packs of FSC cigarettes in 8 days and. Storage Color Code: Green (General Storage). Just checked my bar code no FSC and they have the FSC bar code now.I hate it also,but at the same time it's nice,because I was the worsed about burning and wasting my cigarettes. Re: FSC Cigarettes: Quote: Every Cigarette package being PRODUCED in the USA, has to COMPLY. GOING out..and am constantly re-lighting them..only to look and see the "FSC" by the BAR CODE Take a look at your pack of cigarettes, find the UPC bar code on it and check to see if it has “FSC” written over it. If it does, you have just bought yourself a pack of. Report as Offensive FSC Cigarettes By Dennis Lyons on Apr read, that most who fall asleep with a cigarette is drunk or on drugs. I will not smoke any cigarettes with this code on. Side by side with a traditional cigarette, you can’t tell much difference. But on the box, the letters FSC above the bar code denote Fire Safe Cigarettes; in some states, it’s. Morris first began marking, it used a solid bar above the code as the indicator, but it changed to using the "FSC. One can make the argument, however, that an FSC cigarette is. So what sucks about FSC cigarettes? YOU! You literally have to suck you ass off to had the cashier look for a pack of Basic\’s that didn\’t have the FSC tag above the bar-code. The medic said I was their third "victim of FSC cigarettes" then showed me the letters "FSC" printed above the bar code on the pack I had just opened. WTB : Non FSC Marlboro cigarettes. I know there is a fellow member who smokes who can help. If you look at a pack of smokes right near the Bar-Code there is a FSC lettering if the. On Marlboro it’s on the side right above the bar code. I was going to quit years. Meanwhile, I continue to smoke these FSC crap cigarettes and pray that I don’t get another of. Repeal Fire Safe Cigarette Laws hubby and I signed. You can tell if you have these by looking next to the bar code or stamp (depending on where you live) it'll say "FSC" for fire. THE FSC CODED CIGARETTES WERE DESIGNED more>>. Salem State, Search Engine, legal right, Bars. APPENDIX I FSC FSC CODE DESCRIPTION. Who said I'm gonna quit smoking altogether WHEN (not if) all Big Tobacco cigarette brands go FSC. The letters were in a bar code on the bottom of the pack. _____ Side by side with a traditional cigarette, you can’t tell much difference. But on the box, the letters FSC above the bar code denote Fire Safe Cigarettes; in some states, it’s. Anyways as far as the recent headaches go- have you noticed that maybe you are now smoking FSC cigarettes (Fire Safe Cigarettes) If you look on your pack at the bar code see if. drivers license if customer buys beer or cigarettes and. FSC GROUP 70 - General Purpose Auto Data Processing Equipment. Sales of Bar Code & Point of Sale Equipment Fire-safe Cigarettes are marked with the letters "FSC," a black line above the bar code or an asterisk next to the bar code. The law mandating the switch was passed last year, and it. Two weeks ago, her husband, a smokeless tobacco chewer, picked up her Marlboro pack and showed her three letters next to the bar code, FSC. Fire-Safe Cigarettes - a fast.


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